Terry Hovey

Dr Terry and Dana Hovey

Dr Terry and Dana Hovey












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Work in the studio for me is an adventure. For me, being awake to the way a medium responds to touch and intention is a moment of spiritual revelation. An original direct response to the moment and the materials at hand is at times ecstatic.

A personal encounter with the spirit that animates life and the creative process is uniquely enlightening and available to all. I don’t paint to make a picture, tell a story, or make a point. I paint and sculpt as a way to reach in to life and touch the spiritual realm. Objects rendered by this process are mute testimony of the end of a journey – a frozen moment in time.







Starting Bid For This Painting

The artist didn’t request a starting bid… so we will!

Starting bid is $50

We Have $50 From Ruth Bass!

We Have $60 From Valleri Lacore!

…will anyone bid $70?