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Music Worth Repeating

Music Worth Repeating


David M. Jones was the force that pulled this team together. David played guitar in a bluegrass band in the 1970’s, but says he was raised on radio and jazz was his first love. He’s been a home builder by trade for years, but playing jazz guitar has become his passion during the last decade. So, he became involved in the Jazz Festival, and met some other musicians, like Neal Staufenbeil, with whom he started rehearsing…

Neal Staufenbeil learned to play the saxophone when he was 13, and bought the tenor sax he plays now when he was 14. He’s retired, and enjoys refinishing furniture with his wife Sandee. Neal played in many rock and roll bands in California and has enjoyed getting into jazz since he moved to the Oregon Coast.

Curtis Colt has been drumming since he was 16. He owns Seal Rock Espresso and Alsea River Gardens with his wife, Judy. He’s the route driver for Dahl Sanitary who carries a metronome in his lunch box. He also plays drums with CRC, a popular local classic rock band. Curtis enjoys playing the unconventional beats in this music and he was lured in with the promise of fame and fortune. But without a bass player, where can you go?

Steve Driver first shared a bass with his brother when he was 12. He played in various rock and roll and blues garage bands (with some people who became famous, too, but he doesn’t like to name-drop.) Then he took some time off to raise a family. He’s a contractor and a full-time husband to wife Signe Grimstad. He says he enjoys the advanced education he’s getting playing jazz. And, he provides a rehearsal studio with a spectacular view. .

Patty Egan loves to sing. Performing in community theatre musicals since…well, for a long time….got her started. Singing in rock and folk bands kept her passion for music fed. The opportunity to study opera and perform with Bend’s Obsidian Opera challenged her and helped her expand her repertoire. But, singing the standards, learning jazz, and working with the wonderfully nurturing group of people in PastForward has felt like coming home.


Past Forward’s CD is finished, it’s awesome and it will be available at the show!