Maeona Urban

Maeona L. Urban

I am an artist yet I feel flattered to be considered an artist. I have not gone through the usual training methods to obtain the title. My grandmother inspired a love of art and nature. I do plein air, realistic studio, and NW Coast Native American style artwork.

Painting in the studio is convenient but there is something exciting about seeing a calendar full of locations and anticipating the comradeship of fellow artists. For the past few years I have found a new satisfaction in plein air painting. After being pushed to try something “scary”, I attempted my first paintout competition and was awarded honorable mention. I was hooked on the challenge.

I paint to comfort myself, to feel I have accomplished something worth sharing, to link with others and to see them connect to each other through the artwork. So by years of random trial and error, to satisfy either my own emotions or simply to please others, I paint.













Starting Bid For This Painting

In a gallery this painting would sell for $2,500,


At the artist request…

Starting bid is $100

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