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Inspiration to create something imaginative is not unusual for artist John Curtis Crawford. He began his career as a puppeteer at the age of twelve and has been a working professional in the arts and entertainment industry most of his life. His initial love of puppetry led him to a career designing and constructing magical creatures and miniature habitats for stage, television, commercials, and feature motion pictures. He has created, built and manipulated various creatures, dinosaurs, and aliens, as well as fanciful characters for Jim Henson’s Muppets. His work has won numerous awards including one from the Cannes Film Festival for Special Effects.

John’s life-long, deep connection with the natural and mystical worlds also began in his childhood as he wandered the deserts and mountains of Southern California. He learned wildness from the spirit of the mountain and composure from grandmother rattlesnake. The long-needle pines taught him to sing, the blue jay to laugh, and the desert initiated him into mystery and the world of the unseen. When the Fairies found him and opened the door to their world, he was well prepared.

John’s studio/workshop is tucked into a mossy green hill concealed by a blackberry bramble patch.




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