Art Auction Rules

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How the Art Auction Works, Rules & FAQ’s

  1. Bidding online may begin as soon as an art banner has been posted to this page. There will be approximately 25 entries.
  2. You may bid on as many pieces as you like.
  3. Bidding must begin at the minimum bid set. Any bids under minimum will not be counted.
  4. You may bid as often as you like.
  5. Bidding online will close at 5:00 PM June 20th.
  6. Bidding will continue Live at the event, June 21st from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM.
  7. Winners will be announced at the end of the event between 10:30 & 11:00 PM.
  8. Winners that are not present will be contacted no later than 5:00 PM June 23rd.
  9. Winners that are not present and are out of town will be responsible for shipping cost (Approx $15.00) which will be added to their final bid.
  10. If we are unable to contact or make payment arrangements with the winner due to lack of, or incorrect, contact info they forfeit and the banner will go to the next highest bid.
  11. If you are not able to be present at the event you will be able to set a cap to your bid to stay in the bidding with a $10 increment raise up to your cap. Send us your cap privately by using the “Contact” page.

 EXAMPLE: Your online bid is at $200 at the close of online bidding but your willing to go up to $500. That would be the cap you sent privately to us. At the live auction when someone bids above your $200 you will then be entered at $10 above their bid until it reaches your cap of $500. Once it passes your cap you are out of the bidding.